Wolfgang Lessing

Wolfgang Lessing studied violoncello, school music, German studies, philosophy and musicology in Frankfurt and Berlin. After teaching assignments for violoncello, musicology and morphology at Musikhochschule Frankfurt and several years in school teaching, he was appointed professor for music pedagogy / general instrumental didactics at Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber Dresden in 2002. Here, in 2004, he founded the “Research Institute for Musical Teaching and Learning”. Since then, manifold publications and research projects were created in the following topic areas: Practise, learning music in institutions, historic and systematic studies on the term of instrumental technique, psychological foundations of making music, didactics of contemporary music in instrumental music education, tasks and goals of instrumental pedagogic work. Currently, he works in a third-party funded project on “the dimension of the artistic in student composition projects”. Besides his scientific activities, he works as cellist of the “Ensemble Phorminx”, with which he has given concerts domestically and internationally for over 20 years.