Rivca Rubin

Director Imagine, Joint Custodian of Islington Mill Salford/Manchester. Upworder.

Rivca assists people to live the lives they want to live, artists to ascertain their vision, locate the essence and refine their practice, companies to refine their vision, grow purpose, align practice to values, and co-create working cultures people engage with, flourish and enjoy working within.

‘Creative, stimulating and sharp’ and bearing ‘an incredible precision of language’, her distinct approach and expertise has seen worldwide application across the Cultural, Education, Health and Social Change sectors since 1997 with a focus on leadership, organisational, team, board and individual development.

She curated the international programme of Physical State International, one of the early catalysts of CPD provision for emerging artists 1985-1994. In 2001 she designed the first coaching training for the cultural sector in the UK ‘The Arts of Coaching’.